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Tokusatsu Rescuing an abductee

Our hero now must save a citizen who has just been kidnapped. Beings from another planet have sinister plans for our planet. Can XD fight this new threat? Do not miss the third rescue robot episode XD. "Rescuing an abductee."

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Tokusatsu Hero Factory - Who is Rescue Robot xd ?

XD Rescue Robot", a source of great satisfaction for us to give the tip initial foot in the adventures of the surveillance robot, character Irlayne Silveira, who always appeared in some vignettes of our other productions and became known in anime events of the round back, soft bar and Resende since 2007, where he made his first appearance in public in the last edition of the anime craze in round-rj Volta. CREATION OF CHARACTER XD was born in anime event

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Tokusatsu- Rescue Robot XD episode 9 -Resatting the Planet -The Final Battle

The video Tokusatsu- Rescue Robot XD episode 9 -Resating the Planet -The Final Battle Part. Is a production of Hero Factory Brazil .http: // Swine Samurai meditates to remember the location of the secret base of the revolted robots, upon discovering it is attacked by the DEL general who Almost brings it to destruction. XD saves his friend, General DEL removes his mask and reveals to be DX, the evil shadow of XD, starts if the Last battle

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3 Kinds Of Popular Kirakira Names In Japan

Kirakira names are popular in Japan now. Kirakira means "shiny", which means that parents give their kids unusual names so that they can stand out from the crowd. Let's read about these strange names!

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Tokusatsu Rescue Robot XD Ep 7 -The revolt of the robots of the future

The terrorist organization of the robots revolt sends a robot warrior with a terrible plan. Destroying the main bridge of the city secretly and rebuilding after, making him go through a well taskmaster. The XD rescue robot now has to unmask this diabolical plot, but his reputation may be jeopardized. link youtube

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Sazae San Syndrome: Japanese Version Of Blue Monday

Sazae San is a Japanese popular anime that is usually aired in the Sunday evening. Sazae San itself is a family comedy. But why does the anime makes the viewer in a blue mode? Here's why!

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5 Places To Go In Akihabara - Tokyo Master

Akihabara is a mecca for otaku people. There are so many shops related to anime, manga, games, idols, or adult stuff. It is also said is the best place to buy PC goods. Here are five places to enjoy deep AKihabara.

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5 Most Popular Cosplay Styles In Japan

Cosplay culture is getting more and more popular worldwide. Many people think cosplay is just for anime or manga lovers, but it's not. Any kind of unusual costumes can be defined as cosplay in Japan. Here are 5 of the popular styles.

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A 3-Pronged Attack In How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded America

Japanese pop culture is entertainment that is wacky, offbeat and even psychedelic. Hence, it is well received in America, a society that values individuality and innovation. Here are 3 ways in which America has taken to Japanese pop culture.

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Why Do Many Japanese People Prefer Anime To Films?

Of course they are different. But why is there this kind of preference? If you have ever listened to people discussing Japanese anime, you have probably also watched them defending their preference to people who don't understand why they think anime are more interesting to watch than films.

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