Updated: May 02, 2016
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5 Most Popular Cosplay Styles In Japan

Cosplay culture is getting more and more popular worldwide. Many people think cosplay is just for anime or manga lovers, but it's not. Any kind of unusual costumes can be defined as cosplay in Japan. Here are 5 of the popular styles.

#1 Anime/manga character

Anime/manga cosplays are absolutely the most popular, and the quality of the cosplay is extremely high. It's difficult to try those cosplays for beginners because anime/manga cosplayers usually make the costumes themselves. Not only the costume, they are supposed to know how to make up like the characters, and have to find and make the hair wigs.

If you want to see those enthusiastic cosplayer, you should check out World Cosplay Summit which is held every year in Japan.

#2 Lolita

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Lolita is one of Japan’s sub-culture cosplays that featuring clothes with either a sweet or dark style, frills, laces, and gives off a Victorian-era vibes.

Lolita is often considered as a type of a fashion style. Lolita cosplay is still a little hard to try just for fun because it's usually expensive.
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#3 Maid

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You might have heard about "maid cafe" in Japan. It's a sort of cafes where all the waiters are dressed like maids. And they treat customers like their loads.

From this quality of cosplay, it's easy to try for the beginners and fun cosplayers. You can buy them cheaper than above two cosplays.

#4 School girl

School uniforms are also popular cosplays. But I guess they just look like high schoolers for you even though they already graduated because Japanese people look younger than their age. It's kind of obvious for Japanese people to tell cosplayers from real high school girls.

#5 Miko

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Miko(巫女) is is a shrine maiden or a supplementary priestess in Shinto.

Compared to the others, it's not so common, but it's definitely cute(kawaii) and my favorite.lol

Want to cosplay?

Logo http://japanese-goods.jp/collections/costumes-accessories
If you want to cosplay, here's a shopping website you can buy the costumes. Although there aren't many costumes yet, there will be more and more costumes soon.

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