Updated: July 25, 2016
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Tecchan: The Japanese Train Otaku

Have you ever heard "tecchan"(鉄ちゃん) or the Japanese train otaku before? Since Japan has so many railways, there is a large number of train otaku. It used to be only for men but nowadays, a girl's version of train otaku called, "tetsuko" (鉄子)is getting popular as well. Here's about the Japanese train otaku or "tecchan" in general.

What's Tecchan?

In Japan, there is a large number of people who are fans of trains.
Some are just normal level, but others are...otaku or maniac level.
In Japanese, railways or trains are called, tetsudo (鉄道).
Hence, the train otaku's nickname became "tecchan" (鉄ちゃん) in general.
So many of young kids love Shinkansen, local trains, and metro subways.
Yet, grown-ups can also be a huge fan of those trains, right?
Tecchan has a great passion, knowledge, and dreams.
Retina dscn0504
Hokuriku Shinkansen "Asama" #605 E7 bounding for Nagano.
If you know what this means, you might already be tecchan.

Things Tecchan Brings And Carries Around

Train fans or tecchan always bring a camera.
I mean, a very good camera to take a very best shot of trains.
They also bring a time table called "Jikokuhyo" (時刻表), which sells at a book store, about 1,000 yen.
Some even collect train figures or toys at home.
Retina pixta 21640643 m

Toritetsu or Noritetsu or Both?

Now it's getting a hardcore.
Toritetsu means taking a photograph of trains, railways, and stations.
Noritetsu means riding on a train and enjoying its riding experience.
And most of fans are categorised both.
Among those otaku, they may hava great ambition to dream about "kanjo" (完乗) or complete riding.
Some even carry a map to highlight with a pen where they go through and completed.
However, as you might notice, the Japanese railway system is vast and complicating.
Hence, it is very difficult and challenging to complete riding.
Retina pixta 19977855 m

Fan Gatherings

Train otaku shares some passion with their pals.
It's slightly complicating since some fans boast their riding experience and also the very best shots of trains and railways.
However, many train otaku shares their excitement friendly with their peers.
The fun thing is a fan gathering to meet up with peers and talk almost endlessly about trains.
If you are a huge fan, you will experience the time flies quickly and you feel passionate inside.
Retina pixta 14296209 m

Local? Urban? Waste Line? Foreign Trains?

Train otaku loves trains in general, but their passion may fall into a different category.
Some love local town trains while others love urban metro subways, Shinkansen, Limited Experess Trains.
There are even fans who search for waste line to take pictures and experience of nostalgia of the station.
The hardcore fans go abroad and ride on foreign trains such as TGV, Itaro, ICE and so on!
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