Updated: August 05, 2017
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Kanten: Essential Ingredients In The Summer Of Japan

Kanten (Japan agar) is a food invented in Japan. Boil the seaweed and freeze it, then dry it to make it. Its manufacturing method was invented in the Edo period.

History Of Kanten

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It is said that the Edo era began when Mino Tarozaemon, the owner of the inn "Minoya Ryokan(Japanese inn)" began manufacturing. He discovered that it was dry when it was left in the open air in the severely winter (boiled seaweed). When I made a town with what I was interested in dry matter, I got a beautiful place without smell. Therefore it is said that it began to tackle manufacturing in earnest.

Benefit Of Kanten

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Agar is rich in dietary fiber, so it is effective for constipation. Also, calcium is abundant. Moreover, because it is low calorie, when you want to eat sweet candy while on a diet, it is good to choose sweets with agar.

Afternoon Snack Using Kanten

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Mizu Shingen Mochi.
It is a sweet that we have to eat on a day made in a confectionery shop. It is very delicate sweets, so we can not eat it unless I go to the shop!
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In the north and south of the Kanto and west of Chugoku region, we eat it with Japanese mustard with sauce of sake and soy and vinegar. In Kansai, we eat with fruits and brown sugar syrup. In the Tokai region it is common to eat with sesame with sauce of sake and soy and vinegar.
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Put red peas, red bean paste, fertilizer, dried apricot and others on a square agar, and eat it with brown sugar syrup .
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Japanese sweets confined goldfish shaped agar in agar.

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