Updated: May 08, 2018
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The Workstation Sink: Highly Advanced Stainless

One of the most important tools in the kitchen, the sink has the ability to transcend the user experience and entice users to enjoy the culinary art of cooking.

If you've had the opportunity to utilize a stainless steel sink before, you'll understand that different factors will determine how the sink is used in the space, and how it can advance the user experience with certain tasks such as dish washing, food preparation, and cooking. One of the most advanced designs available, the Legacy stainless steel sink by Havens, is a transcendent masterpiece.

Available in various styles, stainless steel sinks can be hammered to add visual allure to the space. If you are likely to select a farmhouse style sink, a hammered apron front will add tremendous visual value to the area, giving the kitchen a focal point like none other.

Addressing different concerns with plumbing, lighting, and cooking preparation is important when determining how you will use your sink. If you prefer to avoid making a mess on your countertops, consider a built-in ledge workstation sink, like the ones made by Havens.

Antimicrobial Copper is one of the best metals to build a kitchen sink out of, as benefits of this metal are spectacular.

Retina heritage farmhouse stainless grande
Stainless Steel Farmhouse Apron sink in the Brushed finish
Determining the proper sizing and dimensions of your kitchen is very important. Having the granite cut correctly is a huge factor in the design process, as you want a flush installation. The inside bowl dimensions will allow for the apron front to be an inch wide on each side, and also allowing for the undermount flanges beneath the countertop. Each flange needs to be correctly covered with the granite countertop, and this can be done with a silicone or plumbers putty. The apron front portion should be sized correctly to give the user enough space to correctly have the sink installed within the cabinetry. If you opt to select a standard undermount sink without an apron, there will typically be faux cabinet doors in front rather than the farm apron portion. This is a nice alternative, although does not give as much visual presence for the space.
If you prefer an expert opinion on sink installation, interior design concepts, and ergonomic improvement, consider consulting with a professional - capable of addressing important concerns for your home. A design professional will address space saving, correct sink depth, proper drain placement, and selecting the right finish for your home.
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The Workstation Sink: Highly Advanced Stainless


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