Updated: March 04, 2017
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6 Different Types Of Otaku In Japan

Otaku is the word for the people who are really into something, but it basically has geeky sounds. Some of them are extreme in a way. Here we chose 6 typical types of otaku in Japan.

#1 Game otaku

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This is classic type of otaku. People don't really have negative image about them because there are so many of them. Most of them have grown up with games, so it's hard to stop it for them.

#2 Anime otaku

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This type is also very common. It's hard to define anime otaku because even the people who watch a lot of anime might not be considered as otaku. It depends on what kind of anime you watch. People who watch all genre of anime are definitely otaku. Also, people watch the anime which most characters are girls tend to be considered as otaku. Some people have negative image about them.

#3 Manga otaku

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This type is also very common. There's no one who has never read manga in Japan. It's a culture. When people say manga otaku, it's people who really love manga and have or have read tons of manga.

It's not rare to have more than 1000 manga.

#4 Idol otaku

800px wotagei in akihabara https://goo.gl/GlXvna
They are relatively new type pf otaku. New idol culture was established about 10 years ago. If you are interested about this culture, google "AKB48" which is the most succeeded idol group in Japan. This type of otaku buy a lot of same CD to get the tickets for shaking hands with idols. They also create dance for the songs of idols'.
A video of idol otaku. They are dancing in front of the stage.

#5 Train otaku

Tetsudo fun 1 https://goo.gl/7ClE2t
This type of otaku is very deep. They go to stations to take the pictures of the trains, record the sounds of the trains, buy stuff related to the trains, ride on and take the pictures from the trains... In a nut shell, the people who love trains.

They are eager to take good pictures..

#6 Anime figure otaku

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This type is also very maniac. They collect character figures of their favorite anime, manga, and game.
Some figures cost more than $100 in US dollars.
People not only buy figures but get them by crane games in an arcade.

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