Updated: December 26, 2016
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Le premier mot que vous devriez apprendre en japonais

There is an useful word in Japanese that you should learn. This word has multiple meanings and can be used in many situations. The word is, ”SUMIMASEN”.

Mot simple et multiple

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If you go to any foreign country, usually you try to learn some of words that you can use while you are in that country. Hello, thank you excuse me, and sorry, etc.)
If you want to say hello in Japanese, you can say, “KONNICHIWA”. But there words such as excuse me, thank you and sorry, you can use the same word. So let’s check what it is.

Excuse moi

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There is an useful word in Japanese that you should learn if you are visiting Japan. This word has multiple meanings and can be used in many situations. The word is, ”SUMIMASEN”. First meaning is “EXCUSE ME”. So when you want to ask direction, you can start by saying”SUMIMASEN”. Then the person who you said the word to will look at you, and stop what he or she is doing, and try to help you get to your destination!


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Another meaning is “SORRY”. If you accidentally hit someone, bump into someone, you can say,”SUMIMASEN”. This word is used when you want to apologize.

Je vous remercie

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Japanese people use sorry when they give thanks, sometimes. For example, If Japanese person asked for help, and they got helped, they would say thank you by using “SUMIMASEN”. Japanese word for ”thank you” exist and it is, “ARIGATOU”, but many Japanese don’t use this word in some situations, instead they use, “” SUMIMASEN”. When you really are happy and don’t feel sorry by any chance you use “ARIGATOU”, but if you by any chance feel sorry, because you interrupted the person, or took the person’s time too much, or someways made them do what they didn’t need to do, then you use “SUMIMASEN”
It’s good to know both “ARIGATOU” and “SUMIMASEN”. If you are able to remember!


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En fin de compte, je vais vous saluer d'examiner le sens du mot que vous devriez apprendre.
Meaning of SUMIMASEN

1) Excuse me!
2) Thank you!
3) Sorry!
Je aime écrire sur les voyages autour du Japon et d'autres choses.

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